So you want to go travelling? Marvellous!

Just imagine… relaxing on a golden beach in Thailand… trekking through a teeming jungle in Peru…. swimming up close and personal with the inhabitants of the Great Barrier Reef… roaming the electric streets of Tokyo at 3am in a sake-fuelled haze… ah, the possibilities!

But as the real world back seeps back in - a dreary nine-to-five desk-job, perhaps? - your dream can feel so very distant, perhaps even unattainable.

"Won’t it be expensive?"
"How much will I need?"
"How will I ever raise the money?"

Enter this website. It outlines a simple, step-by-step, common-sense approach to saving for travelling. No scams. No get-rich-quick schemes. Just a tried and tested approach written by a budget backpacker for other backpackers.

Start Saving

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